How American Football got started?

According to one survey, nearly 3.5 billion people (one-half of the world population) take interest in football. Such as large following of enthusiasts makes football world’s numerous sport. Beyond all the questions the American football has the rich stormy history that everyone would love to know about and how Americans got highly involved in this highly physical and mental exhausting game. In this article, I am going to give you the glimpse into history of American football and some interesting facts about football that are lesser known even to football enthusiasts.

During the middle years of the 19th century, there were many different styles of football such as rugby- football game played throughout the United Kingdom and other parts of the European Union & other English speaking countries including

Australia, New Zealand, and the US. When this game arrived in America, there were no set of rules and modern football’s integral elements such as touchdown, forward pass, distance rules, and downs. It was played as freestyle rugby-football game as it was played in the Britain.

Early Football Games

The earliest football games were mostly played by the students of colleges and universities with their own set of rules called the ‘mob football’. In 1860, dues to this severity of rules some states of US had banned the game of Football. But somehow in 1862, the first football team of the United States was formed and played known as ‘the Boston Game’ and this form of the football became famous across the most of the United States.


Collegiate Football Becomes Legitimate

In the end of the 18th century, collegiate football became a legitimate game as the now-famous universities such as Princeton, Yale, Harvard and Columbia states standardize the set of rules for this game. These rules of collegiate football game turned this rugby-football into American football. At that time Yale had refused to join the IFA (Intercollegiate football Association) due to the babble over the number of players each group could have on the field. After few year Walter camp became famous as the godfather of the football and in this era of 1880, new sets of rules introduced that includes lowering the member of players on the football field.

Modern American Football.

In 1920, the American professional football association was formed which later changed its name as now famous and most watched National Football league(NFL) and Jim Thorpe was the first president of NFL. Many teams such as Chicago Tigers,

Cleveland Indians, Columbus Panhandles, Dayton Triangles, and many other were formed during this era and had participated in 1932,NFL playoff game which was the auspicious beginning of the modern American football. After that NFL was becoming famous one throughout the America as they had 1958 NFL championship and formation of other American football leagues. It had also attracted the player from many European countries and Asian countries.

Now American Football became the intimate part of every American citizen and football enthusiast across the globe which is quite different from normal football played across the Europe and other English speaking countries.

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